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Windscreen replacement


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Can anyone suggest where I might find a Xantia SII windscreen (with rain sensor)?

My local O'Brien AutoGlass installer can only find Series 1 screens...




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Thanks - if I can find a source of screens I'm half way there! Services N Shore & Northern Beaches - Northern Tablelands is probably a stretch...

I remember when we had to get a new screen for our 307 (>10 yrs ago) that the non-genuine screens were a lot more expensive, but the rain sensor in the non-genuine option was pretty dodgy. Can remember wipers going ridiculously fast in drizzle. Do you think the Chinese make better sensors these days? Probably irrelevant, as no doubt I'll finish up with one that's been gathering dust in a warehouse for 15-20 years...


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There is a Chinese screen on one of my Cits, with no sensor trouble. The sensor is inside, but the glass must reflect into it.

Moore has a large stock of old screens.

Dapco Auto France