Project Grover

- this is an engine designed for transverse/front wheel drive application (with at least one engine mount from above)? Its just, if so, you've neglected to mention that.
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this is an engine designed for transverse/front wheel drive, right? And at least one engine mount is from above, usually?
you haven't mentioned that, is all...

That's true. But where there's a will, there's a way :)
What a beautiful sound and feeling. Well done mate.

Thanks Dan. Sure is a good feeling - like a rather late 'proof of concept'.

Still lots of work to go yet, mostly plumbing. But I feel like it's all downhill from here.
Excellent !

Nice big shed, too. BTW...what is that car under the sheet ?
I can't wait to see what the performance is like. It sure is an interesting conversion (you don't don't want to make the rover v8 spin backwards for me do you :confused: :) ). rover v8's are onlly about 150kg from memory. The hdi will be probably double that.... The point is null and void as a lot of the weight is in the transfer case and gearbox either way.

When do you think you will have it driving so you can do some economy and performance testing :evil:
I'll be interested to see what kind of fuel economy it gets. Demannu once mentioned that driving Grover from Brisbane to Melbourne cost so much in fuel that he didn't even want to reveal how much :eek:
I suspect before too much longer you will need to delve into the intricacies of CAN-BUS

Arduino is cheap as chips and have shields and "sniffers" available.

I suspect you already have something that can do this, but if not, I actually have two USB CANbus sniffers with some neat software to isolate certain messages.
You're welcome to borrow one.
Thanks guys. I am already using an Arduino with a CANBUS shield to pull the data I need off the bus. I started off using it as a 'translator' from Peugeot to Range Rover and visa-versa, but I've changed direction now, I'm using the Arduino to translate the Peugeot data frames to PWM and pulses to interface with an earlier model (pre-CANBUS) Range Rover transmission ECU.
And it is working? Kudos you can be lucky sometimes and put that together with determination, go for it!
from Peugeot to Range Rover and visa-versa

I tried a similar "project" in Toyota Estima to covert the oem avlan protocol to interface to a later model can bus DVD/CD/ satnav.

The project failed miserably , largely because of lack of available information an the protocols.

An ebay replacement unit worked out to be the easiest and most cost effective replacement. albeit the entire ICE unit.

It was a lesson it staying with practical options if nothing else.:wink2:
It's not finished yet, but the bits that I have coded up are working well.
Today's effort: I modified the airbox both to accept the Peugeot air flow meter, which is a bit smaller than the Range Rover one, and to change the direction that the air flow meter points, to better suit the layout of the engine bay.

Wiring loom looks interesting to say the least.

Well done. Cheers Ken
Congrats Scott, massive achievement. I can only imagine the amount of head scratching that has gone on to get that working.

More's the 504 going?
Yes ! 504 report, please !

Paintwork now ok ? :cool:
504 - no change. It remains just a few hours of work away from being finished, all that's left to do is clip on the trim on the RH side, attach the rear bumper, put the carpet in and clip the front seats in. But it's buried at the back of the shed and sadly a low priority at the moment.

Back on Grover (the highest priority around here at the moment), my new turbocharger and intercooler arrived for it this week.

I've gone for a GT1749v turbo, it's bigger than the original and factory fitted to a 170hp engine. It's also a variable geometry turbo, which should compensate for the bigger size and give a nice quick spool up.
The intercooler is a water/air unit, very compact and rated to 400hp. I've got an old transmission cooler to use as heat exchanger.

I'll pull the engine out again this weekend and fit the turbo. I could probably do it without removing the engine, but since it's so easy to remove, it will make life a lot easier. I'll make up some intercooler piping while it's apart.