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Is this the best project car you have ever seen?


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They are no harder to dismantle than a TA shaft, with the exception of removing the nylon caps over the uni cups. Of course one would need the special ball pin and ball cup extractors. These are not listed in the W/Shop Manual. Because I guess that Citroen figured that the shafts would outlast the rest of the car. Unlike the shafts in a TA which needed regular servicing!


Real cars have hydraulics
Well the shiny blue ID19 wouldn't idle properly .... The only work I haven't done too that car in the last 6years is the exhaust (they managed to not clamp the new downpipe on and hugely crack the exhaust manifold) and I mentioned the fuel system could do with a good cleanup ... (eg: whip the tank out and have it cleaned).

It's run like crap at idle speeds since that day. I've whipped the top off the carby and blown through every orifice a couple of times ... but it still wouldn't run right ... I noticed it had lovely new spindle bushes in there. I figured the new spindles must have cut into the idle circuit of the carby... So I'd swap a different carby body onto it.

I whipped the carby off and noticed the accelerator butterfly was sticking in the bore when closed and leaving a mark :confused: ... Hmm.... There is 3 small holes (idle bypass ?) that appear to be the wrong side of the closed butterfly too... So I decide to whip the spindle out and see how it was rebuilt.... Get this ... I found one of the butterfly screw loose :eek: :eek: :eek: I screwed it out with my little fingernail :eek: :eek: I reckon if I'd driven the car another hour it would have fallen out and gone through the motor destroying it :eek: :eek: :eek:

I looked at the butterfly and wondered if the two holes were slightly off center .... So I turned the butterfly flap 180degrees and refitted. It now didn't stick closed, and the 3 tiny metering holes were now the other side of throttle butterfly. I'd never noticed that the butterfly was directional. Anyway, I chucked it back on and the car started and idled perfectly.... It sounds absolutely amazing now.

So there you go, obviously a carby specialist did the carby ... and they buggered it up, and exhaust specialist did the exhaust, and they buggered it up. I think it's just very sad. The more time an money that gets spent on cars, the worst they seem to get when you pay others to do the work.

Sure I know a lot of the stuff I do is really shithouse quality wise ... But hey, I'm no specialist ... and certainly everything I do is generally cost free :roflmao:

Shane L.


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As my old man used to say:
"Never pay someone to do something you can do yourself."
"If you want a job done properly, do it yourself"