Haynes 762 Extra


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yeah i'm just doing some tinkering but one day maybe a project to fix her up right

she has never let me down

currently trying to fix some rust in the wheel arches and fit S2 front guards and bumper ... only ones i could find to replace the bent ones that were on it

had the car since 2004..


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Sorry Rob, I've searched high and low and the only Haynes 505 manual I can find is the diesel engine supplement. I must have passed the other one on when I sold the car. Can't find the scan of the factory workshop manual either. When I scanned it is also longer ago than I thought. 2004. I thought at least I would have had that archived somewhere.

Good luck with your search.


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thanks for looking - i think i've found one from IanRobbo ... when it arrives in the mail will be a good opportunity to break the news to the wife that the car is staying :)