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Introducing Haynes 762 Extra

The Haynes manual is often much criticised and maligned, for but for all its shortcomings it is often the best information that we have ready access to.

Haynes 672 Extra is an attempt to update and expand upon the base manual. This project is concerned with the Haynes Peugeot 505 workshop manual #762 some the detail may apply equally well to other variants although that is not our main concern at the moment.

We are happy to receive diesel 505`s information for separate publication.

There is a wealth of information available on the internet the biggest problem is the time it takes to find what you need. Not to mention getting sidetracked in all sorts of other interesting stuff.. To simplify this process it is our intention to produce PDF pages for you to print and add to a folder “Haynes 762 Extra” a companion volume for your own copy of Haynes #762

Each addition, hint, tip, correction or composition will be numbered and referenced back to the appropriate page and paragraph of your Haynes. Where we suggest you write in the addition’s reference number to indicate the presence of more information on the subject in your own filing system.

Now you have an opportunity to help your fellow enthusiasts by sending whatever you consider important, your hints, tips, modification, corrections, photos explanations additions or web links to already published technical information via PM or email to Haynes 672 Extra or posting on this thread.

Please tell us the page number and position where you think your information should be added.

An experienced panel of 505 owners have agreed to assess the additions and corrections for publication here on Aussiefrogs. The best ideas will be used and acknowledged in publication. Numbers on the experienced panel have initially been deliberately kept low, please do not take offence if you were not contacted , if you have a particular interest and expertise and wish to help please PM us here at the team.

We look forward to your contributions and comments.

The Haynes 762 Extra team.


Finally, we can find out how to put everything back together again!

(Sorry, I couldn't resist).



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Peugeot 306 manual

Hello there,

My name is Vladimir and I'm writting from Novi Sad, SCG, Europe. I've recently bought a '96. Peugeot 306 :headbang: and have gotten the users manual for it, but unfortunately it's in german, so I can't use it:confused: . Does anyone here know where I can find a downloadable version of this manual, the one like you guys have for 505 (service\users\maintainance - whatever manual)? I'd appreciate it very much :D !


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How about gems like "This job is not considered to be suitable for the do-it-yourself motorist as six special tools are required etc"


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Digressing replies

A good place to start would be stating which models have which diff ratios. (I know these can be found on this forum but not every 505 owner is a Frogger!)
Another area to address is the way in which the photos are referenced. Each photo should have a direct reference in the text. I know that this is sometimes the case, but it should be the rule. (Have you noticed how clean the hands that appear in the photos are?! Armchair mechanics?)
Wiring diagrams are not accurate and too generalised. I've already found that the tacho fitted to petrol cars is not shown.
Speedo drive pinions. There'll all different! Which fits what??
Oh... this could be a very long list!
Anyway, thanks for taking the initiaive and doing this. There will be a lot of frustrated 505 owners hanging out for the final draft.:cheers:


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I hope this is the right place to post this.
I have just purchased a 1998 406 V6 and would like to find a service manual for it. The basic Haynes manual does not cover the V6.
It has 170,000 K and I an unable to find out when the timing belt was last done.
I have a friend who is a quite competent mechanic and he is prepared to change the timing belt for me. However I need to know if there are any issues we need to know before he starts.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Cheers, Harry


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End of an era. Haynes was an extremely valuable and important publisher for those of us who maintained our own cars. Unfortunately, as cars became more complex, the manuals became less useful.


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I might have one somewhere. I've had 2 SRD Turbos, and a GTI. Can't remember if the manuals covered all models.


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I'll see if I can find it tomorrow, and let you know.
I've got a scan of the 505 workshop manual somewhere too. Gave a copy to a guy in Melbourne about 12 years ago. Must find that too.
PM me your email address.



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sure - it's in pieces up the front but you get the idea
1983 STi with 430,000KMs ...
still starts first time