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WTB - DS second nose PS steering wheel


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Gday, found my Power steering rack, Relais and even the centering widget... now all I need is the matching steering wheel to upgrade my Safari to power steering: Need a Steering wheel with a grey, smooth centre column, 40cm diameter with white wrapping.

alternatively, any old wheel to cut off the stub and graft it onto my 42cm non-assisted wheel.

can anyone help?



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Hi Sven,
I've just converted my D Special wheel (foam style) to the non power assisted wheel 42cm (white wrapping) but swapping ends and matching lengths.
I have therefore the left over, male end of the wheel and about 100mm of the tubing.... which came off my non-assisted wheel!?
So I'm assuming you need the female, clamp style end though....!?


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I have a late DS wheel that I got when you were looking for one a while ago, it’s from a DS23 and is in bad shape, but would give you the shaft and end you need.