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'The Spy' - Netflix series - lots of 1960s French cars


Hi everyone,

If anyone is looking for something to watch on Netflix, I am very much enjoying 'The Spy', starring Sascha Baron Cohen (in a dramatic role instead of comedy for a change - he's very good).

There are a good spattering of French cars throughout, but particularly just near the start of episode 3, there is a whole scene featuring a pristine Peugeot 404 Injection, which they even go into all the details of.

Subsequent scenes show many Peuegot 203, 403, Renault 4cv, Citroen 2cv, and others.


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Also good for French car spotting and a humourous story line is "A Very Secret Service".


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Thanks for the recommendation Scotty. I'm half-way through it now, it's so very good. I read that Sacha was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance and can see why. The classic French cars are a bonus.

David Cavanagh

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I've only just discovered Stan and I'm surprised at all the classic old Aussie movies on it. Last night I was watching Alvin rides again.
Only for the 4cv scenes of course.

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