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Pug 307cc rear LED light help


Not sure if anyone here has had any experience with the rear LED lights on the Pug 307cc but here goes. Right rear light cluster is working perfectly, left cluster on the other hand is playing up. The brake light works on the far left but not parking lights. The left light cluster mounted to the boot has neither the brake nor parkers working. Yet the reverse light works. Anyone know how to repair / diagnose these?

I removed the outer light cluster. There is a bulb for the indicator but nothing servicable for the led brake/parker lights.

Not sure if there is a controller or loose connection or something else. Any help would be appreciated. Can't have my daughter driving without lights working.



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Check both the number plate globes are working if not replace them first again if this fixes please reply to help others


I checked and confirmed the left number plate bulb was not working. Didn't have a spare wedge bulb, so removed one from the C5. I have no idea how you knew dmc, but the rear LED tail lights and number plate lights are working as they should.

Many thanks.