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Pop up wine night


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Gday all.

First off. Mods if this is not allowed please let me know.

I have just started a small pop up wine bar in Alexandria Sydney. Its called Not Just Cars. (Ironic) notjustcars.co is the website.

We are serving interesting Natural Wines and a delightful bar menu every Friday and Saturday evening 5pm-10pm. The idea is to have a not pretentious space to enjoy a bit of wine/food/chatter. Obviously drinking and driving is a no no and we do not promote that in any way.

There are usually a few car folk about to have a chat with or not if you just want to do you own thing.

I thought I would pop this up here if anyone is interested.

I was going to suggest perhaps we have an AF ‘evening’ as opposed to the BBQs that we used to have? Its been a while..

Regards Cam


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Great. Will look at the calendar and see what we can work out.

I will assume a weekend will be more appropriate.