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Out & about To 1975

Anyone out there with a pre 1976 car to take a pic of their car or other pre ’76 French cars seen on our roads.

203’s, Dauphines, 403’s, ID19’s, Tractions, GS, CX, SM, 4CV’s etc etc.

We bemoan the fact that the young aren’t interested but surely there must still be some out there on our roads being enjoyed.

This morning we went off to the Daylesford market with Covid 19 restrictions slowly being lifted. The 1951 Big 6 is a lovely cosy car in the winter.
The other pic is picking up some mineral water nearby at Sailors Falls a week ago.



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Always loved and admired this model and as a teenager lusted after one but had no hope of affording one of course.
Mate of mine restored one and sprayed it bright yellow. What a beauty that was!

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