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Our final word on drivedays


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In the past there has been differing enforcements from moderators regarding the organisation of drive days on AF. If you read the disclaimer which was carefully worded by the admins, you will note that we are not preventing drivedays from being organised through AF as a medium. The key understanding I want everyone to take from this is that AF is JUST a medium, a medium for allowing those people organising the event to offer people the opportunity to participate, the same as any newspaper or advertisement may display a product or service. The medium is under no obligation to ensure every element advertised is done so legally or safely.

Think of AF as a newspaper, and threads as public notice sections. As such, subscribers are able to place threads advising of events being organised. However NEVER shall a person state that he or she is organising an Aussiefrogs driveday.

Our reasoning behind this is simple. We all are aware of the ludicrous personal injury claims and indemnity issues which are prevalent today. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions and will do anything to make a buck out of blaming someone else for their screw up.

Aussiefrogs is run as a business entity, and as such may be the subject to indemnity claims should an event organised by Aussiefrogs end in injury or death. It was therefore determined that every effort needs to be made to ensure no person could legitimately claim Aussiefrogs responsible for an incident. In a worse case scenario, we could of held the position of a total ban on all events, however a balance was chosen to allow persons to individually organise events.

This is our position on the matter and I hope this clears things up.


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In regard to drivedays there are 2 types. One is where you get together with a mate or 2 or 3 and go for a spirited drive on a Sunday morning. The other is where you invite everyone associated with the marque for a Sunday drive. Being a member of a car club, we are associated with CAMS, which means that when we go for a spirited Sunday morning drive, we do it with a permit from CAMS which is around $70-00. Why so you ask. Well, imagine 20 cars are driving through the Adelaide hills and car number 5 runs off the road and destroys the farmers letter box & fence as well as the front end of his vehicle. Said insurance company speaks to owner number 5 who says he would not have had the accident if he was not being 'pushed' by the car behind him. Ah' says the insurance company, we will sue the organiser of this 'event' for the costs, because if car 5 was travelling solo, he would not have had the accident in all probability. A permit will cover this possibility, so perhaps is it worth thinking about forming a car club, with constitution etc to be on the safe side?