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Left indicator failing to contact unless force applied to it & then it would sometimes work. Right indicator would bring on high beam. With headlights on low, using the right indicator caused the high beams to flash erratically.

Out of warranty & not wanting to use a service centre after recent experiences, I decided to order the replacement part & install it myself.

Ordered the part called com2000 which is a glorified blinker wiper assembly with electronics for interfacing with the onboard computer for diagnostics. It uses multiplexing which is why only a few connections are made to it.

The beasty:


It took me about 4 hours to install. I think I could do it in 20 minutes now that I have done it already. The main problem I had was working out how to remove the airbag.
Only by persistence did I manage to find a way to undo it. There is nothing on the internet for a DIY com2000 replacement as yet (not that I could find) so hence this thread will save somebody 3 hours & gain the confidence of self install.

I'd describe this job as easy. If you can use a screwdriver you should be able to do it no probs. Don't be afraid of the airbag like I was.

Tools needed:

Torx T20 to remove the interior trim.
Torx T50 to remove steering wheel
Short flat blade screw driver ( 2 of them could be beneficial)
10mm socket + extension + ratchet
Torch or very good sunlight to rear of steering wheel.


Disconnect the battery.

Undo the 3X T20 screws under the steering column & remove the upper & lower trim pieces.



Put keys in the ignition & turn steering wheel to about 9o'clock.
Gently prise out the rear cover of the steering wheel so it sits free of the wheel (as free as it can be. It's squashy).

This WAS the hard bit for me but easy for you.
Airbag is clipped in 3 spots with a heavy duty wire.

Flex the rear cover at about the same area as the rectangular cut outs on the cover & look inside for some galvanised fencing wire looking stuff clipped over a bracket. There is one close to the column & another on the outer. Unclip the outer one & pull on the airbag to ensure it's free on that corner.

Turn the steering wheel the other side (3o'clock) & do the same maneuver ensuring you don't pop the other side back in.
With the sides undone you now need to turn the steering wheel upside down & fold back the flexible material on the steering wheel itself to view the last clip.

Difficult to photograph (&see) but inside there is another clip. The wire needs to be lifted upwards & then towards the driver's seat.
None of the clips are super tight.

The airbag will now be free.


There is one connector & one earth wire to disconnect:

Back of airbag out of car:

Seeing the wire clip in the steering wheel like this will help you to know where to poke that screwdriver:

Undoing the connections requires the blade screwdriver to prise the plastic strap off at the connection end & simply pulling it off. There is another connection pushed into a compartment in the steering wheel & another earth wire spade connector.
We are now ready to remove the steering wheel.

I set the front road wheels to the straight ahead position & steering wheel to exactly straight. Remove the keys .
Undo the Torx T50 bolt (not overly tight I found) & by using the arrow printed on the steering wheel, mark the spline position using a black pen.








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The final test ! Hit the front of your car suddenly with a hard object! Will the bags go off, or won't they? Best of luck!

Kim Luck

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Thanks for the non post. I'm a qualified armourer and spent nine years working in the inflatable safety industry. People who muck about with stuff normally entrusted to experts deserve everything that happens to them when things don't work quite the way they think they should.

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OK. How about a caution for the airbags. That would seem to be occ health and safety responsible thing at least! :)