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Frenchie wheels on a box trailer


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I'm pretty sure someone here has done this before.

I'd like to fit french wheels (not those crazy metric things) to my 1 Tonne box trailer. I'll most likely replace the hubs to match.

It looks like Holden HT hubs - 5 X 4 1/4 in (107.95mm) - might be a good match for Pug 5 X 108mm wheels.

Anyone done anything like this before ?

I'm guessing I'll need Holden nuts - not sure how that will go.....

Any tips - ideas ?

I have Pug, Citroen and Reno in the garage so it doesn't bother me which French brand supplies the wheels.



jo proffi

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I changed my hubs a long while back to match my car's stud pattern.
It was a simple affair of bolting 4x100 hubs on and then putting on whatever rim/tyre combo was lying around.
The reasons I did it was to avoid the possibility of being caught with a flat tyre and no spare and to able to get free tyres from my wrecking yard.
In hindsight, the trailer or the car never got a flat tyre, and now that I don't have a 4x100 car, or a paddocks full of wrecks I'm back to having a mismatch.


Bob D

I did it for 505 rims with the hole in the centre. I bought stub axles and hubs from a trailer parts shop. The hubs were blank , no studs or holes.
and were larger in OD for a 4WD. I simply drilled them for the 504/5 stud pattern.
The 504 rims are much harder to do because of the enclosed centre.


I converted my service trailer to 504 stud pattern by using off the shelf Alno electric brakes to suit Subaru ,

Dapco Auto France