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ICYMI, they are still adding frogs content (lov2xlr8 especially) new-to-me and/or better resolution now includes;
'46 Ford F472A,
'47 Rosengart and Simca,
'50 AZU Hotchkiss, Simca, Ford Abielle and Vedette
'51 Rosengart,
'56 11D
'57 Peugeot commerciales
'62 PL17
and '74 CX
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Good sites but downsizing, thanks for posting.

Nice sites, but after years of collecting about everything motor car related SWAMBO has called a halt to that interesting habit, even though I told her it would all be worth a lot "one day" but for some strange reason she was unimpressed with that reasonable truth.....:D

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lov2xlr8 posted a '51 203U brochure yesterday following a 2CV (dated '47 ...) also a '68 R16, and today FCB has an R6 circa '80 following Simca Monthelry, '60, and 9 sport '52 earlier this month


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'57 R4 today;
following '64 24ct, '61 PL17, yesterday and day before, '56 Dauphine, 19/11, Arianes '59 &'61 on the 17th, '67 M 530 on th 16th and '68 R4 on 14/11, when FCB had a spanish language R7.

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