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Citroen article in Hemmings Classic car July edition #190


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My friend in America gave me a subscription to Classic car and I gave him a subscription to Restored cars - (after A/Post stuffed delivery of Christmas parcels) The July copy of Classic cars arrived yesterday.

At page 68 they have History of Automotive design 1919 -2000 and the featured Marque is Citroen. titled 101 Years of Chevrons pages 68 to 75 with pictures of 15-six Traction Avant, 2CV, 5CV, Traction Avant 11A, Charles De Gaulle waving to crowds standing in the DS, 1968 DS and ID , DS21, GS, the 2CV Charleston, 1970 SM Coupe, SM Diravi (top speed 130 mph) Ami 6 1961-71, GS Club, 2CV Dyane, DS Pallas, CX , the Visa ll E (with Peugeot engine) , XM. plus text.
Article by David LaCHANCE and photographs from Citroen archives and as credited in the article.

Nice write up.


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