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Cars & Coffee's in SA

Hi all,
I've been attending the Barossa for a while now, but only taking out my old Falcon. (https://www.facebook.com/carsandcoffeebarossa/)
I notice that there is a distinct lack of overseas vehicles at this event. Are any SA members keen on getting some Frenchies together and parking them amongst all the Aussie Muscle cars that generally are at these events?
I've got a 2006 307 XSE Touring Wagon. Would be interested to see if people would come up and check it out or not. I doubt it as it's not a classic ;)

Wouldn't have to be the Barossa one. I'd be happy to travel to one either near(ish) the CBD or North of it.


G'day Sarge,
You will find the Cars and Coffee at the Unley shopping centre, about 5 minutes south of the CBD, has a more European flavour.
It's on this coming Sunday and I thinks starts about 7:00 AM.
I believe an adjacent cafe opens up to provided breakfast, coffee, etc.
Here's a link: https://www.facebook.com/carsandcoffeeunley/