205Gti T16 engine (WA)


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I am writing this add with tears in my eyes!! I am selling it for personal reasons. It breaks my heart but this is the way things have turned out.

Im putting up for sale my 205 GTi with Genuine 405 T16 engine conversion. This is the only running 205 Gti with T16 engine in Australia and the only one of two of these engines in Australia.

I could list heaps of things that have been done to the car but i will keep to the major stuff.

Engine is a genuine 405 T16, 2L factory Turbo. Very Very Rare. This engine and turbo have been rebuilt by Ecosse in Europe and have about 15K on it since rebuild. I contacted Ecosse and this information is correct. Engine was rebuilt without modifications, al internals are original bulletproof items! These Engines in their stock form ( with upgraded injectors and fuel pump) are capable of 300Hp. I have just put a mirror polish 3" stainless steel exhaust system on it. ECU has only got a basic tune, and it only runs on .7 bar boost as i chose not to tune it untill i put on the 3"exhaust, modified water air cooler and good tyres. These are all there now and it is ready for a tune. unfortunateley i may never experience it...

Gti6 gearbox with quaie LSD. 5 button performance clutch and uprated pressure plate. Haltech E6X engine management system, engine wiring is all brand new. Original engine bay wiring has been renewed where posible and verified for trouble free operation.

The car is a red 1989 205 Gti:

Always garaged, very well presented, Si seats, series 2 dash (later model one with round A/C dials, cracked as they do), whole underfloor has been layerd with dynamat for noise reduction, power windows, factory sunroof, series 3 rear lights, rear reflective panel.

Ozracing white WRC 15"x 6.5"rims with as new yokohama neova "soft" tyres.
Front Eibach lowering springs, koni yellow externaly adjustable shocks, original rear end with koni yellow adjustable shocks.
Front series 3 hubs with series 3 driveshafts, 306 GTi6 rotors and brakes, new wishbone bushes.

Now there is no need i go on about the performance of this car, we all know the 205 and we can all imagine the capabilities of the motor and gearbox combo.

I am asking $25,000 for this car. I think this price is fair, it is the only running 205 GTi T16 in the country and the engine is a genuine rebuilt very good condition powerhouse. The conversion has already been done for you from A to Z. Turn the key and go. The conversion was not easy and was infact fairly challanging and costed me heaps of time and money to get it all right. If you think the price is high, calculate just the things i have listed on this page and you will get to about 20K without labour and all the bits and pieces you need for a conversion.

Please note, this car will only be sold to the right buyer and home.... contact me for any interest 0403 638 658 or email peugeot205.gti@hotmail.com


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