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A few pics of old Vietnam. The last one of the 203 wagons is the Viet Minh delegation entering Hanoi after the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu.


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There was a movie located in a Vietnamese plantation featuring a black 203 .

The title was one word from memory . Which word escapes me
I saw it and can't recall the name either. Someone had taped it and I watched the 203 bits twice. There were actually two 203's, the immaculate one used for the shots and an obviously less valuable stand in used when soldiers were smashing the headlamps.


there is another short movie called "The Mikman" shot in Canberra using AJs 203 ute / gypsy van,
was shown at one of Gordons 03 worm weekends Albury maybe ?


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suspect may be old news to everyone else, but I didn't recall having seen this before finding it (att.)
and found a few details of interest.
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In 1958 my cousin went to Canada Cycle and Motor Company in LaTrobe street to purchase a 403. They had a set of fitted luggage with which they demonstrated the roominess of the boot. It must have been expensive luggage because he bought the car but not the cases. Photographs of the 203 fitted cases always show what appear to be substantial cases which would probably be true if you were a Hobbit.


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Note the 1948-9 style twin boot locks. Looks like the accountants got them as well as the two boot lid supports. One lock and the hoop were probably cheaper.