Cheap Keyless Entry Controller Questions
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    Icon7 Cheap Keyless Entry Controller Questions

    OK, I know for starters this is largely caveat emptor - buy a cheap kit on Fleabay and you get what you pay for.

    However, I'm trying to determine if the instructions are warped or if it's simply non-functional.


    They say, to "learn" the remotes:
    Press the learn button five times, then press it all the time, then press the any button, the first transmitter finished learning; press the any button of the second transmitter etc. system may learning 4 transmitters; if you learn the fifth transmitter the first transmitter be erased.

    It's supplied with a pair of three button remotes (lock, unlock, boot). So far I have not achieved any "educational outcomes" with the units... It does click an onboard relay when disconnecting the power sometimes.

    I'm curious as to what needs powering up for learning of the remotes. Surely only 12V positive and negative? It's getting perilously close to where I want to splice a controller under the dash of Paris, and if this is not to be it, would be good to have some certainty on the matter.

    Any thoughts appreciated, pisstaking received in good humour as well.

    Cheers, Adam.

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    My experience with this stuff is to take the instructions with a grain of salt.

    Yes, all that should be necessary is powering up off 12v.

    The general instructions seem to be :

    Press and hold the learn button on the rx.
    Press a button on the remote Tx
    Some kind of indication happens on the Rx

    Release learn button and repeat for the next remote.

    I assume the unit you have will allow up to four remotes.

    Yours could be different of course, in which case the five press sequence may put it in learn mode.

    Anyway waste some time learning how it works and eat up the money saved on the ebay POS remote system.

    When you want a quality system contact Neatrol -
    There air key system is bullet proof, great range and secure. They are bit more expensive.

    Otherwise Oatley have a good range of cheapies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robmac View Post
    ........Otherwise Oatley have a good range of cheapies.
    and the GonzPlip is still in the list, works like a real one, but hardly a plug 'n play option. Requires a fair bit of research and and soldering knowhow....

    Learning system is as Rob describes though.


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