Pug 205 front knocking
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    Default Pug 205 front knocking

    Hi All,

    just replaced my front top strut rubbers and have recently replaced the lower control arm bushes, though there is still a knocking noise coming from the front!!

    I feel through the floor pan also i raised the front end today there is no play from the lower control arm bushes or the ball joints but when i move the wheels left to right with the steering wheel locked there is some free play and a knocking noise would this be something in the steering box or the drive shafts? There is no noise or knocking in either full lock from either of the CV's.




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    First check your car's rack is tight to the crossmember.

    After that you might look for play in the rack end bush (opposite end to pinion), inner tie rod ends, drop links, anti roll bar bushings.

    It's also possible the free play you are noticing, is the slight movement allowed in the steering lock.

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