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    I want to fit 185/80/ 15 light truck tyres(maxxis UE 168) to my standard set up 404 for an outback trip. My small town tyre guy doesnt keep this size and I dont want to commit until I know they fit- Anyone out there tried this size and can let me know if they clear the struts.I have got lots of advice from people with non standard set ups and I can run 175/85/15s no worries, so I am confident- any advice appreciated. Cheers greg


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    Last tyre place I spoke with wouldn't fit 185's to the 4.5 inch rim, but I was talking about a different brand of tyre. Some brands will often publish recommended min-max rim widths.

    Unlikely that strut clearance will be an issue - the guys that run wider rims often have them partly offset inwards & run 185's, 195's, etc.

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