Came across this while browsing the net.

Don't know if its been discussed here before, but all sorts of math formula for budding designers and those that like a challenge..


Power is defined as the rate of energy transfer, or the rate of work. A car's engine produces a certain amount of power, which can be used to exert a certain amount of force at a certain speed. I will be using horsepower as the unit of measure for power.

One horsepower is 33,000 foot-pound-force per minute, as defined by James Watt. The units for horsepower can be changed, as long as they remain the product of force and distance over time, and any necessary unit conversion constants are used. Below are the units for horsepower best suited for working with aerodynamics........and more
all in the interests of go faster with minimal drag etc. etc.

Probably old hat to some of you guys.