Renault Scenic 5speed problems
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    Default Renault Scenic 5speed problems

    Can anyone give some suggestions about fixing a gear selection problem with a Scenic 4x4 5 speed box. Not high Ks. no oil leaks or other problems.
    It had a vague selection of 5 th gear. For a while. Hard to get out of 5th gear in recent times. The selector was adjusted by the manual but did not seem to fix anything. The end was taken off the box to check the shaft nut but that was OK and tight. Seemed to move in and out of 5th gear Ok by moving the hub. Now it is back together it appears to be in two gears at once after an attempt to select first.
    Suggestions please. As we know it should not be possible to select two gears, so is it likely to be a selector problem, an interlock problem or a bearing problem or ??
    There are lots of references to problems but hard to see solutions on the web.


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    Lots of issues mentioned here at AF about this box in this car too I seem to remember. Certainly fix it quickly before it explodes like a lot seem to.

    Sorry - but I don't have any specific links - have you searched here at AF ?


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    Default similar symptoms

    had a Toyota van that was doing this ,turned out to be a worn selecter yoke which was enguaging the band but wasnt disengaging it ,whatever the gear you had before first try engaging and disengaging it to see if you can get the yoke to catch the band and disengage it ,this van had a squilion k on it and was ex courier ,had to get the yoke and band replaced the trany guy said hed never seen one so bad , sounds like yours will have to come apart ,PUGS

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