Catalytic converter - degradation over lifecycle
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    Default Catalytic converter - degradation over lifecycle

    Heres a question for the nerdy tech heads - we all know a catalytic converter will fall off in performance over a given life cycle.


    And that they perform poorly from cold start, with emissions being less converted until the catalyst reaches "operating temp".

    But - does the cold performance fall away at the same rate as hot, or do they perform worse when old when cold in relation to their old hot performance. If that made sense...

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    Try searching
    I found
    Three-Dimensional Simulation of the Transient Behavior of a Three-Way Catalytic Converter
    This describes how a catalytic converter warms up after 10s, 41s and 140s. Surprisingly, it only takes 140s for a cat to be thoroughly warmed so they start working quite quickly.

    It doesn't answer your question about degradation over time, but there must be a paper on that subject somewhere.
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