I bought a 92 Si to wreck 2 years ago and then registered it for a shopping trolley, thats when i found out why they sold it, it leaked water from the pump and block, it bunny hopped, cut out, refused to start, and common sense said wreck it. Lacking a lot a common sense made it easy to stubbornly change parts, pump, cam belt, map sensor, oxy sensor, throttle body, rewire half the motor, chemiweld the block, the fuel pump, every relay, the fuse board and repair endless faultly connections. After 2 years of fiddling, it absolutely purrs, starts, revs, idles, tows the trailer, economical, sweet. I would say every problem was inflicted by a well meaning fixer upper who fiddled without fixing, even the fuel pump housing was cracked when installed. I learnt all about detail with this car, its all in the detail.