Feasible to fit truck air horn to sedan ?
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    Default Feasible to fit truck air horn to sedan ?

    I'd REALLY like to fit a playback device with a recording of a truck full of live pigs locking up the brakes from 110 km/hr, played through giant loudspeakers in my engine bay.
    But I'll settle for a truck air horn. I have a car air horn compressor, but I guess truck ones are larger.
    Would one of these drain my battery / electrical system too much ?? I would only use it with the engine running, of course. I'd like to blast philistines who have more money than sense / empathy for other drivers, and see their heads swivel and rotate to try to find the truck bearing down on them.
    Most of them have black Audi or BMW 4 wheel drives with air-con on and windows up.
    My current horn only goes "poot", which is laughable.
    I really don't care about the legalities of it.


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    I thought I would do exactly the same thing recently as someone had removed the air horns from my CX. I just found a spare set and fitted them and they are loud enough.
    Anyone thinking that it is overkill to want truck airhorns has not lived in Brisbane recently. Drivers here are as rude and selfish as you get....yes even worse than Sydney! There is a survey somewhere which rates Brisbane number one in Australia for driver impatience.
    So I say go for it Beano! Find the biggest loudest horn you can fit and make sure you have relays, fuses and other stuff in there to cope with the power drain.

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    I started to read your thread before looking to see where you came from and I didn't have to look. I have already succumbed to the temptation. Type in "Truck Horn" on Ebay and live out your fantasies. By the way look out for a Berlingo with a loud voice.

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    truck air horns have an air tank, so they always have/give a full blast. It takes up a bit of room. Go to youtube or liveleak and search for train horns. There are some really funny videos.
    I have a Stebel Nautilus horn on the bike, an air horn without the delay. Very loud. I would like a train horn though, just for the reaction.
    Les W.

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    I fitted airhorns that play the Marseilles to Carolyn's 203. It certainly gets "their" attention when I take it through Brisbane or Southport. I put one of the horns off of a 1934 Ford on the 404 waggon we sold to Skip a year or two ago and we turned the volume control up on it; it moved everything and the resonance through the body when you lent on it was amazing.

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