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    Default 407 headlight upgrade

    hi, has anyone out there installed or know of anyone whos installed a plug and play HID light kit on a 407 or any peugeot for that matter? I have an '06 407. Oh yeah, ive searched the net and am sick of trawling through pointless comments from overseas. Any aussie input would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Headlight upgrade.

    Shoot into your local auto store and scope out some Xenon globes. They vary in price, but for a direct change out they make a real difference.

    If not happy with that, it isn't a big job to wire in a couple of relays so that your wiring doesn't go into melt down and plug in some bigger globes. Watch our for ADR compliance and Police who have no sense of humor in this regard.

    I got pulled up the other night for having my fog lights on in the dark on a slightly drizly evening. The argument that the lights on the Police Falcon were higher and brighter than my 306 didn't win any friends either.

    I have since wired in relays for high and low beam and have some "not quite standard" globes in my 306 daily mule. They have made a difference and I am no longer tempted to use the fog lamps which are a lot more obvious than an extra 70 watts on high beam.

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    Default Headlight upgrade

    I think that you might find it is illegal under the ADR rules to convert to HID lamps, to fit these lamps to a car that they wern`t fitted to originally is alittle bit more involved than just fitting the lamps ,on a car with HID lamps the height of the lamps have to be adjusted automatically by a motorised adjuster they are usually located on the rear suspension, they are also required to have aheadlight washing system
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    I got them in my 206 and its love!

    Just get a 35w ballast rather than a 44w and make sure if u need a H4 you get a hi low HID, it works with a magnet so low and high are both HID and one is not crappy yellow shit.

    I do highly recommend them!

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