Hi all, recently a friend drove her 405 diesel through a flooded road here in tassie and the car got a lung full of water which obviously doesn't compress like air and...BOOM! Gluck, gluck, gluck. Not pretty. Prost mortem shows three holes in the block. Luckily the head looks fine and I have a spare motor from their old car which did a timing belt to use for a donor. I'm going to re-ring it and put some new big end bearings in it and put it all back together with new gaskets and whatever else it needs.

My question is.. Do I need to replace the tensioner pulleys for the timing belt as a matter of due course even if they feel and look fine? What about the water pump? I've heard people change these as a matter of course with a timing belt but it seems a bit severe if it looks and feels good. What do you think?


Since it's such a pig to get in and out, i only want to do this once and as I'm not getting paid and it's a love job, I don't really want to do it the once Any other things I should replace while I'm in there? Clutch looks good, turbo is being replaced with a low K unit, replacing seals on gearbox and cv boots. Thanks in advance for any advice!