I just posted the query below on the general forum, as there are loads of pics of a lovely DS for sale in Germany, but someone has very sharply spotted that is has two different types of tri-lobe housing fitted - and I commented as follows, as this is an issue I have at the moment:

Great observation re the different tri-lobe housings, and an extremely relevant subject for me at the moment:

I have a '72 DSpecial 21, with an extremely worn later type tri-lobe housing (all steel, no "ball liners"). I thought I had located a 2nd hand replacement, but due to communication misunderstanding, when it turned up (posted from Melbourne to Sydney) it was the earlier type (alu/alloy, with steel liners).

I've briefly discussed the possibility of fitting the smaller balls and using this older type housing, with Peter in Melbourne, who sent me this housing. However, it seemed to me this might be a bit of a botch up, to try to fit the older type tri-lobe to the newer drive shaft. But, seeing the car in the pics, tends to suggest there is some interchangeability with these items, and it might not be such an odd thing to attempt after all.


So, Question 1: is it as simple as fitting the smaller balls on the tri lobe stubs (after of course removing the tri-lobe piece from the driveshaft to slot the housing on to the shaft), or is the tri-lobe piece also different (i.e. different size stubs for the smaller balls)? The rubber boot would also be different, of course.

Question 2: Is this still really a bit of a botch up, and are 2nd hand "one piece/no liner" later type tri-lobe housings so difficult to obtain that it makes sense to mess around like this? I am aware new units are available, but they cost quite a few $$.

I would be interested to hear what anyone thinks on this one!

Oh, and if anyone has got a decent condition later type tri-lobe housing going spare, of course, let me know! I will be at the next NSW Citroen Club meeting in Sydney on Mon 28th Feb, for the "car boot sale".


Dan Spooner
0415 514 873