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    Default Performance exhaust for 405

    last year I started looking at extractors for my Mi16. Was steered toward items from Europe, and may have to go that way. Magic had some shots (pre AF crash) of his extractors on various 205s. They look fantastic, but Magic said he was unable to build me a set without the car to build them on. He's too far away from me for that to work.

    Does anyone have a lead on extractors for a Mi16? Perhaps even thinking about having Magic make a set - in which case if your car is going to Magic, then perhaps he could make me a set at the same time and reduce the overall cost for both???

    I was prompted to get back on this thought by a posting by a fellow frogger in the motorsport forum. Here is a clip of my car at Phillip Island - probably the noisiest Mi16 in Australia at the moment. Runs a 2.5" pipe from the bottom of the engine pipe (no cat) through a straight through hot dog to a side pipe. So not road legal. Magic recons it will not provide enough back pressure and hurt torque figures - I've no idea as it hasn't yet been on the dyno (booked for 17/2).

    Take a look, have a laugh....


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    Ideally, something like this Maniflow from the UK would be the bees knees-if it would fit. Sadly, there's not much off the shelf to suit the 405 other than Miles (PugRacing) ones. You could get it thermally coated which is a marginal performance gain. Not perfect, but better than the std 8 branch.
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    Once you've water jet cut a flange from a dxf file, any decent exhaust place could make you a set. Do some ringing around. I have the dxf file if you want it.

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    Default DXF file for exhaust manifold

    would be great if you could mail me a DXF file (or AutoCAD, Inveta, SolidWorks native file). It would save me drawing up my own. Have you ever had any head problems with manifolds that combine the pair of exhaust ports together?


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