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    Default batteries

    What causes a lead acid battery to only hold charge for an hour ?

    The charger recharges it fully in half an hour but after 2 goes at the starter there is not enough to turn the motor, can't be the starter, as i have tried the battery in another car, cleaned the terminals, water level ok, etc

    someone suggested epsom salts may have a temporary rejuvenation , anyone know about this please?


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    I would say that the technical description of your batteries problem is "it's Ph*#&ed". a new one.

    But have a look at this site for some information.
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    Default Cracked cell/plate...

    First came across this many years ago. Mates car would/wouldn't start but kept using a lot of water as it ran near dry within days.
    He and his GMH engineer father tried everything, checked everything and nothing would come up. "Umm can you have a look as we're stumped." And beinging the good bloke I had a quick scan, a poke and a wiggle. Then I lifted the caps of the cells and gave the battery an almighty whack, instant 'fizz' in two of the cells. Yep dislodged/broken connector.
    "But the battery charges fine overnight"
    "Yes but when it's being charged in the car the vibration keeps shaking the internal connection loose and the alternator is splitting the water into hydrogen not actually charging the battery."
    His Dad muttered "Oops, should of thought of that as it happened all the time back when I was a lad."

    Only fix is to replace. Batteries for severe duty have the plates located both top and bottom. By severe duty I'm talking about off road 4wd's, mining equipment and boating. The constant thump and vibration really shortens there life span.

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    Default Stuffed or ??

    Perhaps the battery is st-ffed as suggested. If it only takes half an hour to charge, depending on the rate
    However it may be worth checking there is nothing switched on in the car which is discharging it or even a short. The old favourite, the boot light or the interior light or whatever. Get an amp meter and when connecting the battery again put the meter in the circuit and see what it reads. More than 0 amps then look for it. Note modern radios clocks etc do draw a small current all the time.

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    Default Battery failure

    Had a few years in this business, and as well as the tecnical description "it's ph*$#ed" the untechnical one is most likely to be sulphation of the plates. This is most common in cars which do not get enough use, ie our beloved collector cars.
    That's why any battery guy will tell you to keep them cycling. ( Iam not talking about getting on your pushbike, nor the guy at Ripco or Sloopercheep who tries to sell you a new battery, the REAL battery guys). The best way I reckon is to have a small current drain, but more than the digital clock, etc, and also have a trickle "smart" charger going.
    I am also a very firm believer in Inox battery conditioner, not had any positive experience from the others. Pun not intended!

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