Hi Everyone again,

somewhat thanks for helping me live with the Xsi 2l. I have decided to keep it.

It may be a little late to ask peoples thoughts on the XZY coilovers.


I have bought a set and I was talked into it ... I wanted bilstein OEM spec shocks with a firmer spring, as I will only use the car motorkhana, track days and driving to the train station everyday, so nothing too firm for the road....

has anyone used these before? and yes XYZ are a legit brand
because I was finding it hard to find a cheap set of bilsteins with spring combos here in OZ, I decided to call wholesale suspension in Penrith, they said that bilsteins with eibach springs would cost the same as the coilovers fitted, as would koni's, so the suspension guy said these coilovers have adjustable struts tops and 30 way adjustment .... are street spec/sprint spec i would not find them harsh .... hmmm!

they get fitted next week ...