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    Ladies and Gents, I have a work-related challenge before me. I'm pushing to achieve an OP EVAL of a new configuration of Surveillance gear. Currently the operators pitch a tent and run the gear from a generator with the sensor mast hoisted by hand in the ground stabilised by guyropes.

    I want to relocate the system and its sensor mast to a Landrover 110-type vehicle as well as eliminate the generator. The system consumes .41 Amps measured in my lab using an AC clamp meter. This (theoretically) translates to 98W, requiring 8.2A from a 12V battery system or 4.1A from a 12V system. I haven't yet had a close look at the Army or Air Force Landrovers so I'm not sure what their configuration is.

    I'd need to include a couple of laptops and some microwave communication gear in the same configuration and I note that 400W inverters are pretty common, so it shouldn't be a problem. I'll be opting for a Pure Sine Wave type for the sake of the system's required sensitivity.


    Does anyone here handle an inverter in their vehicle? Any recommendations, tips, traps, procedures you might like to share?

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    Was looking through a USA J.C. Whitney Catalogue and on page 154 they have a swag of automotive style inverters - Maker TRIPP LITE , VECTO, PYRAMID. WAGAN - may b e someinformation you need on their sites.

    Tripplite have a Mid range High Surge power verter plus - high peak surge power (up to 200 per cent of rated output) to start and run heavy draw equipment - frequency control and output voltage regulation for sensitive equipment - ideal anywhewre industrial dutypower is required - fleet vehicles, service trucks PV2400FC features 24 volts ofinput voltage and provides up to 4,800 watts of peak surge output power - efficient clean, quiet - no noise smell or hazards associated with gas generators - wont interfere with radio or other appliances - overload protection - transistorized - stainless steelinputs and fasteners for 12V negative ground systems - marine ready.

    Links to their site and an Australian site -

    Inverter stuff

    Selectronic inverters Australian site

    Hope this helps.

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