Here is a "how to" for the removal of the in dash passenger air bag for peugeot 306's

I couldnt find any info any where (the haynes maual covers the models with driver airbags only) and ended up spending 3 days removing and refitting my entire dash!! Only to find I had to undo ONE 10mm bolt!

*** this is dangerous, take total care when working with airbags ***

1) Disconect battery earth and insure it cannot reconnect accidentally, wait 10 mins before starting any work.

2) Peugeot service manual also says to disconnect the SRS module (found under centre console), however haynes manual does not. Take your pick.

3) Remove the stereo and any stereo mounting cage to gain access do the inner dash.

4) Undo the gold coloured (in my case) 10mm bolt (this does not come out entirely), this will allow a spring loaded bracket and pin to be pulled accross.

5) While holding the bracket accross, lift up the right hand side of the airbag and pull airbag out to the right side.

6) There are two ways of dissconnecting the air bag trigger lead, one is to remove the bracket coveing the plug on the back of the air bag (the 'tamperproof' nuts can be undone easily using a small shifter) and unplug. The other way is to undo a connector further down the lead where a it is attached to the dash. Do not prise the plug off with any conductive tools.

7) Refitting shold be done with the air bag system dissarmed

8) To re-arm the airbag system once air bags are secure and pluged in, turn the ignition on and reconnect the battery earth (make sure no one is in the car when this is done). Turn the ignition off and then back on again, the airbag system should do its self check as usuall, if there is a problem the air bag light will flash for 5mins then stay on.

Woh, what a novel!