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    Im ringing around some garages to get my 405 in for a FULL Service.

    Can anyone tell me exactly what work i should expect to be carried out on a full service.

    Some garages have said they will bleed the brakes.. other say this isnt included.


    Was hoping on

    Timing/cam belt..Brakes..Sparks..Oil..Wheel balance..Tracking..Oxygen sensor checked.. (again this is extra at some garages?)..Cat....

    Hope fully a few probs will be sorted out after a good servicing.. Decided to keep the old girl after all instead of selling her.
    Want her running well for max power later this year..

    Has anyone ever had a car in for a full service?.. And if so how did it seem after it.. I mean is there a noticable difference in the car.

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    There would be a noticable difference in the weight of ones wallet!
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    Default Car service.

    Did the 405 include , in the glove box, a service book with tear out pages that detailed exactly what was required at various intervals ?
    Alternately the book may have had a single page with the details laid out.

    Because of the 405's age, service records may have been lost so if you've no idea of its last cam belt, brake fluid and coolant changes it may be necessary to start from square one.

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