Shock/Spring/Bushes Replacment
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    Icon1 Shock/Spring/Bushes Replacment

    Hey everyone,
    I just want to get you opinion on this. My 1999 Camry (hope its alright that its not french, I also drive a Clio lol) has travelled 115000km and is due for the shocks to be replaced as they make cluncking nosies over bumps and the cars handling is quite floaty now.

    Now I first thought that I was going to have to replace the shocks then thought the bushes probably need to be aswell. But my fathers Magna had its suspension replaced at Pedders with 135000 on the clock with everything replaced and they said to replace the springs aswell. Do you think this is important to replace them on my car, I was just thinking that maybe pedders wanted to milk my father for some money be replacing the springs. Do most mechanics say why replace one old part when you should replcae the lot?

    What are you thoughts on replacing all the items in the suspension?



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    Milking may be an appropriate word. That comment is of course made without knowing all the particulars.

    I'm not in love with Pedders; used them a couple of times in "emergency" situations but otherwise prefer to DIY or go to an all-round mechanic mate I trust (has a hoist and a hydraulic press). My choice in shocks for a Toyota would probably be first to see what Koni offered, and maybe compare with K-Mac as well.

    Toyotas last very well. Is the tyre wear still even, and are you using decent tyres and appropriate rims? Inspect the car on a hoist, get the mechanic to demonstrate (point out to you) any wear or bent parts or loose,wiggly bits.

    Periodic checking of the alignment is good practice; not just toe but camber and caster front and rear. That will help ensure you get the best value out of maintenance investments.

    A final note. Trade prices on many parts, even to non-account businesses, have a healthy margin. If you buy parts and take them to a mechanic to fit, he is earning somewhat less than if he has to "supply and fit", so in response the labour costs may be adjusted upwards somewhat. Everyone has to make a worthwhile crust somehow!

    Regards, Adam.

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