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    hey any one who has had issues with something similar gimme a yell, my suspension on all four corners seems to clunk a hell of alot especially when cornering at high speeds, is this something to do with my bushes or are my struts F#*%T, i have no idea, i was told to go and buy nolathanes, apparently they are good, im getting the front eibach's put in on tuesday at LION Auto in adelaide, so ill get him to have a look


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    Clunking is probably worn bushings or worn balljoints/trackrods. It should be noticed quite easily when the struts come apart, but a simple test is to jack a wheel off the ground and give it a good wiggle. If it clonks and has play, then you've got worn parts.

    Of course, i can't remember having the same problem with the rear end... that could be a dying beam, or bushings again. To check the beam, try to measure the camber of the rear wheels. If they're unequal, or if they're both heavily cambered, then the rear beam will need a rebuild/replacement. It's probably not that though...
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