1996 106 steering and gears
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    Default 1996 106 steering and gears

    Ih ave a 1996 106 petrol which i have just bought its my first car etc
    it has a few niggles which bother me..there not bad just there

    its done 70,000miles so i know theres wear and tear. but the steering has some play in it and it seems a bit tight or sticky almost

    also theres the gear box which doesnt have that newness about it anymore like the gear stick has loads of play in it. ie wooble the stick side to side when its in gear. >>>> can this be fixed by new linkages?

    I'd be grateful if you know hows could tell me whats the norm with these niggles and if i can fix them relativly easily


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    I don't think the 106 came to Australia.

    The smallest Pug we get is the 2 series.


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