504 diesel automatic?
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    Default 504 diesel automatic?

    All right, as most of you will know, I've gotten pretty heavily intot he diesels in last year and now my friends are getting into them as well. I have talked about my friend that is too tall for the 505's, well he sat in a 504 this weekend and he fits. Now he is keen to get a 504 diesel but really wants an auto as he still has a hard time with manuals due to the length of his legs.
    My question is, did the 504 diesel ever have an auto? If not, would a 504 diesel fit into an auto equipped car or the other way around? Which would be easiest? I've got a good XD2 motor so it would probably be the easiest (if they didn't come with autos fromn the factory) to but the diesel into an auto car like the one Ebay at the moment. If anyone can help in the next few days, I may just tell him to buy the car on ebay as it looks like a good one. CHeers!

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    I drove the first ever Pug 504 diesel that came into the Country, or Queensland at least, which was driven in one leg from Cairns to the Gold Coast for the gala release.
    From memory it was a 4 speed manual but with the design of engines and more especially the autos in those days, I can remember comments that it didn't come in an auto mainly due to the fact that whilst it was a great highway cruiser, it was really dead in city traffic and as an auto, would end up just getting under everyones feet.
    Whether they had a change of heart or design I couldn't say, but I do know that they definitely had no plans in the early stages of producing an auto in it.

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    There were no 504 diesel automatics brought into the country officially. There may have been a private import or two, but I've never heard of them.

    You should be able to put a 505 diesel automatic behind it no problems. The trick is trying to find an early naturally aspirated 505 diesel automatic (there are only a handful around) and grab the gearbox, torque converter, flex plate and starter motor (which is different). The flex plate / flywheel on the turbo diesel models has a different bolt pattern and will not interchange with the NA diesels.

    The other easy way would be to just drop in a 505 TD engine, auto gearbox, power steering rack, etc, etc. Nice car, then!

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