205GTi Struts/Wheels
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    Default 205GTi Struts/Wheels

    im looking for some strut braces, torsion bars to fit my 205 cos the lowering springs dropped it nicely but i think that the rear end needs a bit of stiffening up, i also need some wheels whether they are, 4X100 or 4X108, preferably 15 or 16, width isnt a problem as long as they arent pizza cutters, i will pay any thing


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    There is quite a few threads on this if you want to do a search, but ill tell you anyway.
    i have a top strut brace from sparco on my 205 gti.
    $240 from sparco sydney-02 47351344
    there is a bottom one but sparco dont make one available here.
    omp do and they regularly pop up on uk ebay.
    now for the rear ,you have[i think from memory]a 19" torsion bar standard on the gti.
    this can be uprated from 20 to 22" and these are also on ukebay .usually refered to as racing or rally components.
    watch out though as they make the rear really really stiff.
    casnell rallies his 205 gti with a standard rear torsion bar.
    you could get rear adjustable shocks and click them up if you want to stiffen up the suspension.
    i have these and they are really stiff on the top setting.-just a thought.!
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    Hi Felix, pop into Revolution Racegear on Main North Road for a strut brace, my uncle got one from there, was under $200 from memory, if you still have the standard air box make sure it fits with that in place, as for torsion bars you will be looking at around $1000 or so as they have to be imported but Peter T was having some made locally at a siginficantly cheaper cost, might be worth giving him a PM, a decent set of shocks (next on my to do list ) eg: Konis will also make a big improvement.
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