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    Default Side Intrusion Bar Specifications

    Anyone know the specifications of intrusion bars for passengar vehicles?

    Trying to get poor old Road Runner on the road & the Engineer is taking his time on the specs!

    Car weight is 1080kg as per the road scales.


    Also is the old 1/12xbxd^3 formula used to work out different sizes, as the max width is going to be 20mm

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    Doing the Alpine intrusion bars, I have used 50 x 20 x 2.5 galvanised with 10mm thick plates welded to the ends with 2x 8x 1.25mm threads cut into them. The bolts used are 12.9 Mpa button in hex head. I then have strengthened the ends of the door by bolting through 1.6mm stainless that picks up the hinge and the latch mechanism.

    In my case the doors are fibreglass and will actually pass the test without the bar, but I still have to put them in. The bar is one piece, but on many cars this is not possible and so a bar sliding inside another must be used, suitably pinned.
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