Renault 12 timing seal
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    Default Renault 12 timing seal

    I am refitting gaskets to an early R12 (1973) motor. I have a new crankshaft seal which is to fit at the front of the engine under the timing cover. The trouble is that there is a raised edge on the crankshaft end and I can't pass the seal over this edge.
    I have greased the seal, I have removed the spring which resides in the seal and I have now run out of finger strength.
    The manuals aren't much help. Is there a tool to expand the seal over the shoulder, do I need to disassemble further?


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    The front crankshaft seal on the R12/10 engine is located within the body of the front timing chain cover.

    If there is a lip worn into the rubbing surface of the crankshaft nose, then this needs to be carefully removed. A low grade piece of wet & dry soaked in oil will usually be successful.

    Next, purchase a speedy-sleeve set. This will have a flared out end on it for pushing the speedy sleeve across the length of the crankshaft nose where the new seal will be rubbing. Perhaps you already have a sleeve fitted, and the flared end has not been removed?

    Use a pair of side cutters or similar tool, and twist and snap this end off. In any case, it should not be at the front of the crankshaft. Then check the condition of the seal you have been stretching / modifying etc, and if in any doubt, purchase a new seal.

    I usually use an old seal to help tap in the new seal into the timing cover, ensuring that it is square to the crankshaft, and not driven in too far. Flush with the outer edge of the timing cover is a good starting point.


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