Hi, the (some) lugs on the 1st - 3rd Apply Clutch support rings have broken off and buggered the transmission. Also a teflon type spacing washer that goes on what i think is the reverse 2nd - 4th brake clutch disappeared. (info from an 01M transmission manual - Golf, Passat etc.)
I've had the torque converor overhauled/cleaned out ($150 because the lock up can't be overhauled) otherwise it would have been 200 + GST - how honest is this. They could have charged me the full price and i wouldn't have known the difference - a place in Ringwood (Melbourne). Got quoted 300 from another place.
Went to Manuel Transmissions in Melbourne as Tony told me to bring in the bits and he can sell me any part i need. As it turned out they'd only sell me a kit (which i don't need) for 380 or so.
Yes, i know where to get the specific bits from England but i'm writing this in the hope that there is someone in Aus or NZ who's sell the specific bits so i don't have the wait going to England.
I know i could get all that from a VW dealer if i had the part numbers from VW ie. the cross reference numbers.
Is it such a jungle out there that nobody - especialli in Aus - is willing to give information (this forum excluded). Afer all, how many nutters are there who overhaul/repair their own transmission?
Sorry about the longwindedness.
Cheers, JoBo