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    Hey All,

    A couple of months ago I purchased a 94 306 XT for the wife and I, and recently found that the Catalytic convert part of the exhaust system needs replacing. I've had a couple quotes regarding it, and with it being a single piece system, it seems most people are going to charge around $250 to cut it, replace it and re-weld it.


    What I was wanting to know, is if anyone can suggest a good, overall replacement system for the XT. I'm not looking to spend a load of money, and have no idea what to replace it with (I've owned Subaru Turbo's up until the Pug) but I have been quoted around $580 all up for a single piece custom made 2 1/4 inch system.

    Is it best to go with generic or named systems (ie Remus)? Im looking for a nice sound from it but nothing too loud.


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    U-Turn recently created a thread on exhausts which you may find interesting. It doesn't talk about cat converters, but it does talk about the difference mufflers can make. Unfortunately, it appears that the OEM unit really does produce the best compromise between power and noise.

    I'm not certain what other cat converters could fit on there, perhaps a wrecker might have a second hand one though?
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