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    Default More 406 sv performance

    I have a 2002 406 sv D9 II sedan (auto - not much choice there!) and find it sluggish 'off the line'. It is a strong motor most of the time but being an auto doesn't help.

    The used car dealer (!) said some people put extractors on them for more sizzle and a mate suggests 'chipping' it (I think that means a different engine management chip). Does anyone have any experiences / advice and, if so, who in Sydney can do such mods? Any way to re-programme the auto?

    I don't want it to drink anymore high octane fuel than it already does, if I am normally gentle on it. Would extractors mean more noise?


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    I confess to having no experience with that version of the Peugeot V6. However, a vist to one of the well regarded after market Peugeot workshops such as Colliers in Granville might at least determine if the "sluggishness" is normal, or attributable to some other aspect of the engines current state of tune.

    Apart from that, you have a very nice Peugeot, which has set benchmarks for overall motoring satisfaction, retained value etc.


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