Cirtoen BX weber drtc carburator problem
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    Default Cirtoen BX weber drtc carburator problem

    Hello there,
    I was reading an old thread and i saw that you people here have a lot of understanding in weber carbs, i desperately need your help;

    I had in my car (1991 citroen BX 1.6L manual gear) a subaru carburetor and yesterday i replaced it with an original weber one (32-34 4/100), the problem is that when the engine is cold, it starts and runs on high rpms (around 2000), when the engine gets warm, at idle speed, it turns off.

    i tried to fix it but couldn't, the jets are all clean and closed, the idling screw is not doing anything and i have no idea what to do.


    please help.

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    If it has an automatic choke it sounds like it's doing it's job properly. They run high for a minute or so then drop to correct revs when you press the accelerator. Adjustments are easy and require you to undo the clamp screws on the choke and turn the assembly. Greg

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