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Thread: Fuel pump dead!

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    Default Fuel pump dead!

    Just my luck with the spongy deep brake pedal and snapped off optima battery top heres the next!


    Battery was replaced yesterday and I tried to start the car last nite at midnight to go out for some food. The car cranked over but I thought the battery needed more juice so tried jump starting it. Cranked over the same and the car refuse to start.

    I started by checking all and swapping over the fuses for the fuel/motors/sparks, no joy. Checked the fuel psi and nothing came out from the valve. Unplugged the fuel line and started engine, nothing came out! Bollocks! Hammered off the rivets and unplugged the out fuel line, started car and nothing came out! Took out the whole pump unit and checked all wiring which was intact also regulator was fine. Finally removed the pump unit and tested the motor with a 12v feed and NOTHING MOVED!

    I think the fuel pump is DEAD!!! Tried to get my ass over to TKW for parts but major roadworks on Tolo so turned back! I just cant believe my luck that the pump dies after a new battery is installed! Surely the bigger amp battery wont fry the pump motor???

    The car is ALIVE!!!


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    Actually, it sounds like it's dead!

    But I like your style... going out for food at midnight...

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    mate id like to help but first have to figure out how your spongy brake pedal broke off the top of your optima battery[whatever that is.].
    please have another go and try to make this a bit more readable.
    not dissing you,just constructive critisism.
    and where the hell is tolo when its at home???????ha ha ha ha ha -BAZZ

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