thought id run out of clutch yesterday but......
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    Default thought id run out of clutch yesterday but......

    was having a lot of diffuculty getting the car into first and second yesterday.what i thought was either linkage or clutch failure turned out to be something different.
    the day before i had put some pedal covers on my pedals that have more grip than the rubber ones ,i had these lying around from my last car and thought id pop em on .
    now the problem lay in the fact that the allen key head bolts that secure the pedal actually protrude out too far out the back and the pedal was not traveling enough to the floor to work the clutch.ill eventually cut them down a bit as i like these pedal covers as they have more grip on your shoes when your shoes are wet than the rubber covers.
    so the clutch is back to normal and im not shelling out bucks,,cool-BAZZ


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    When the rubber covers wore out on my last car (swift), i glued rough sandpaper to the metal. Worked a charm for heel-toe, but you couldn't drive in dress shoes.

    My clutch does the same thing in the 205, the release point is far too close to the carpet for my liking.
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    I had a similar prob before, the car mat moved it's way up under the pedals so i coudln't push the clutch that far... lucky it wasn't the brake pedal

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