Built specifically for Endeavour type rally work (rugged roads/average times, mild performance).
Just been re-registered and will sell complete with 303 Terratrip, radio, good spares including wheel and tyre sets for road and rally, rebuildable Koni's, 5 speed g/box, 'fast' strg rack and heaps more if interested.
Modifications include seam welded and seriously strengthened body with virtually no rust. Filtered, dust free and pressurised cabin air, 'fast' (manual) strg rack on 505 front end, buzz and blink alarm system on oil pressure and water temp, full instrumentation, trip relays to all major circuits, hydrauic hand brake, three bash plates, interior brake and fuel lines, air and water cooling system on the rear shocks, retention cable to diff, approx 550Km range fuel tank in the boot and a multitude of other 'normal' rally requirements. Ring 07 54611874 (W) or 32017635 Home
Asking $4500.