GTi6 Motor Problems
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    Default GTi6 Motor Problems

    Hey guys been a while since i last posted.

    When i start my car for around 20 seconds it sounds like a WRX and i assume its only firing on 3 cylinders. Its very lumpy and crap.

    After 20 secs or so and i give it a little bit of a rev the problem goes away.

    Now i assume that this problem is caused by one of my plugs being fouled because once it heats up the car runs fine.

    I am worried however that this may have suthing to do with the timing belt and or tensioner?


    Has anyone experienced this problem before i hope that its just my plugs that need replacing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default careful

    could be a fine crack in your head gasket, not enough to make ur coolant level light come on. but enough 4 a small amount of water to get in, then evaporate away.

    could be the stem valve seal thingys, they don't sit right and condensation forms inside the chamber and the again evaporates away. other people on here say the XU9/10 engines are well known 4 this, where r u people? they can correct me.

    cause if u clean ur plugs, and get the distance right (better ask someone who knows how to do this, i forget!) but the problem comes up again, then its not ur plugs.

    try ur ignition stuff first, leads, coils (or what ever it is on urs). that is easy. then u might try the above stuff. it shouldn't do much damage to ur engine until it really gets bad and it get driven like this a lot.

    anyone else?
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